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Public Art Private Development Partnership Grant

Funds are available to developers who incorporate public art into their projects. Learn more about this program here.

Tax Abatement Program

This program, administered by the City of Norfolk Real Estate Assessor’s Office, offers taxpayers an opportunity to improve residential, commercial or industrial structures and not pay full taxes on those improvements for 14 years. Learn more about this program here.

Performance-Based Grant / Revenue Sharing Performance Agreement

In order to be considered for a performance-based Economic Development Incentive, the program must meet the following criteria:

  • The project must represent a significant capital investment
  • The project must be a significant job generator
  • The project must be a catalyst for future development
  • The project cannot be completed to the City’s standards without assistance

Grants are funded annually, based on a predetermined sharing ratio, by the City of Norfolk through the EDA.

Download the PowerPoint document with the full Performance-Grant process here.

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