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Tegra Global Adopts a Bold Stance on Returning to Work



Staying safe and responsible for the global and local front

NORFOLK, VA – Tegra LLC, a leading apparel manufacturing and supply chain provider with a manufacturing center in Norfolk Industrial Park and warehousing operations in Suffolk, addresses the Coronavirus pandemic with a unique approach to employee safety and communications on a global scale.

Tegra, LLC, is rapidly expanding in Norfolk and recently completed a 155k square foot manufacturing center, called The Victory Center.

The need for a healthy workforce continues, and the company is returning to work and hiring new employees. The City of Norfolk is assisting them in this effort, and prospective employees can access application procedures here.

New Day New Way

In early March, at the beginning of the pandemic, the company established a Crisis Response team to quickly assess and address emerging developments to support the company’s mission to inspire employees while bringing customers highly responsive manufacturing solutions. The company created a “New Day New Way” program to document and educate employees, clients, and community stakeholders on new pandemic protocols. As the operations closed, outreach to the employees continued to focus on enhanced Health and Wellness information and support through weekly emails. Social media also played a role in connecting with employees. Internal team sites are available for specific groups with specific interests spanning leadership, fitness, food, gratitude, and hope.

Employee involvement – Double Thumbs Up!

Tegra held a campaign to vote on a new Tegra greeting to us as they welcomed each other back to work. The Double Thumbs Up greeting has created a lot of fun and a morale-building workplace.

Incentive programs for employees returning encourage job referrals, overtime usage, and attendance.

Safe Workplaces

Various educational campaigns are being utilized for specific protocols, including – social distancing, handwashing, and face masks. Also, the company continues to produce informational videos to promote the focus on safety and our positive spirit. The CEO continues to host Friday calls to share his thoughts, plans, and expectations. This May, in a gesture to show our compassion and support of health of employees and their families, Tegra dedicated resources to produce washable face masks and ship 10 to each employee in the United States – 5 for the employee and 5 for their loved ones.

Tegra has recently hired a physician to serve as an in-house advisor and consultant to help ensure that its protocols continue to represent the latest research and findings on COVD-19.  Having this level of expertise with further help protect employees from exposure to COVID-19 while at work.

We say, “Way to Go, Tegra!”


Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Tegra is a leading vertically integrated apparel manufacturing and supply chain provider. Tegra’s focus is the dynamic sports, team, licensed, and activewear markets, serving the industry’s leading brands and retailers via combined operations in the Western Hemisphere. Tegra offers diverse and integrated capabilities of product development and design, cutting and sewing, embellishment, distribution and logistics, and program management via five locations in Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua) combined with four quick response locations strategically located throughout the United States. For more information, visit www.tegraglobal.com. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.