Norfolk’s business climate supports companies in the business, corporate, and management services industry, which is illustrated by the fact that Norfolk is already home to numerous company headquarters, shared services offices, and consulting firms. This industry includes accounting services, management consulting, marketing consulting, corporate/subsidiary/regional managing offices, collection agencies, shared services, etc.

Competitive Advantages:

Economic Characteristics:

  • Stable and competitive taxes and legislation protect “at will” employers
  • Average salaries in this industry are 10% below the national average, resulting in lower labor costs
  • A lower Cost of Living makes Norfolk attractive to employers
  • Average office space costs are lower than the national average
  • Virginia’s income tax rate of 6% has not changed since 1972
  • Virginia’s income tax rate is 0.9% below the national average


  • Norfolk is only three hours from Washington, D.C.
  • Daily Amtrak services to Washington, D.C.
  • Norfolk International Airport provides daily flights to major locations around the U.S.

Labor Force:

  • Strong, growing labor force of skilled professional workers
  • Transitioning military personnel
  • Military spouses

Business, Management, & Professional Services

  • Total Jobs in Norfolk: 17,210
  • Weighted Average Earnings per Job: $76,624
  • 2020 Payrolled Business Locations: 884
Description2020 Jobs (Norfolk)Avg. Earnings Per Job (Norfolk)2020 Payrolled Business Locations (Norfolk)
Employment2,636$69,343 64
Architectural, Engineering, & Related2,245$89,228 111
Business Support1,958$69,190 22
Investigation & Security1,942$33,691 29
Management of Companies & Enterprises1,698$119,431 54
Services to Buildings and Dwellings1,358$33,672 95
Legal1,330$112,762 132
Management, Scientific, & Technical Consulting1,164$94,842 127
Other2,879$78,431 251
Total17,210$76,624 884

Source: Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (Emsi)

Key Employers in the Business, Management, and Professional Services Industry in Norfolk

Company Area
ADP Payroll Processing
KPMG Audit, Tax, Advisory
Dominion Enterprises Marketing Consulting
Landmark Media Enterprises Internet Publishing
Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) Collection Agency
New York Times Shared Services

Source: Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (Emsi)