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Program Administrators

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“Empowering entrepreneurs to successfully steward business ownership and operation.”

Program Mission & Vision Statement

This program aims to provide an end-to-end business development solution that will equip business owners with a step-by-step toolkit spanning from ideation to revenue generation. As a result of this program, a diverse array of Norfolk businesses are aware of and have access to the full suite of services, incentives, talent, and expertise available to support their growth and retention.


Small Business Initiatives

The program consists of three pillars that will be further explained below: Commercial Corridor Program, Façade Improvement Grant, Capital Access Program

Commercial Corridor Program

The goal of the Commercial Corridor Program is to revitalize and grow the City’s main streets and neighborhoods by addressing specific areas and their needs and assisting small businesses with commercial real estate technical assistance, and funding provided by the City through state and federal grants.

Façade Improvement Grant

The Façade Grant will offer eligible commercial building owners and small businesses the means to undertake exterior and interior renovations, such as fresh paint, new signage, improved lighting, and aesthetic and operational upgrades that align with the areas’ unique character.

Capital Access Program

Increase access to capital via Norfolk grant and loan programs and beyond