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This is an ongoing series that profiles Norfolk small businesses and entrepreneurs who have benefitted from the programs offered by the Norfolk Department of Development and their partners. 


When local businessman and entrepreneur Andrew Knezovich decided to start a food truck, he needed access to a health department certified kitchen to prepare the food.  So, he did what any entrepreneur would do, he created his own.  It turned out that he had more space than he needed for his business, so My Commissary Kitchen was born.  

My Commissary Kitchen is a shared kitchen space where all kinds of small food business entrepreneurs can prep, cook, and package their culinary creations.  Think food trucks, caterers, and creators of all things delicious.   

“I was really only looking for a couple of people that shared the same idea as me to help support the kitchen,” Knezovich said in a recent interview with Inside Business.  What started out a couple of people with that shared his vision, is now over 80 members.  The first member of MCK, Market Soul food truck owner Ryan Payne, became Knezovich’s business partner. 

Their business offers a full menu of services to support culinary professionals.  From starting a culinary business, hiring a caterer or food truck, to collaborating with local venues to arrange food events for their members.  These food events, 757 Fork You, provide their members a no-cost opportunity to participate in opportunities to sell and showcase their business year round. These events celebrate the diverse food offerings within the community, and increases access to existing food deserts.  

Chef Andrew’s focus in 2022 is “to continue to innovate opportunities for food businesses to grow in our community.” He is currently working on a second shared kitchen that is 20,000 sq ft, located at 2400 Alabama Avenue, Norfolk, VA, and will provide additional services – like incubator kitchens and a kitchen demo space – that will immediately expand the possibilities for food and food businesses in Hampton Roads.

Stay-tuned and watch MCK and their members grow!



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