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On December 20, 2021, the City of Norfolk,  closed on the purchase of the former Budget Lodge located at 1050 Tidewater Drive as part of a comprehensive strategy to address homelessness. The former motel was purchased for $4.4 million. With 73 rooms and capacity to host up to 150 adults, the City, which initially leased the facility in September of this year, envisions this site as a key component of the City’s long-term strategy to address the needs of residents experiencing homelessness.

The City’s Community Services Board (CSB) is overseeing operations of the facility and has put in place a transition to housing model for services. Guests are aided by case managers and peers focused on ensuring long-term goals such as improving mental health and well-being, employment, or benefit income, and finding permanent housing. Efforts are also structured to connect guests to parallel levels of care such as intensive substance abuse treatment and mental health skill building.

CSB services on site also include day services for residents that do not live on-site. Day services include food, showers, laundry and access to outreach and case management staff, assistance with navigating the housing process, and linkage to benefits including SNAP (food stamps), health insurance, and more.

A safe place to be inside, case management and day services at the site are all designed according to Sarah Fuller, the Director of CSB, to provide residents the opportunity to transition out of homelessness.


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