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August 6, 2020

Norfolk Economic Development Authority Releases Executive Summaries for the Military Circle Mall Redevelopment

A public input process is being developed to solicit community input on each of the proposals

NORFOLK, VA – The Norfolk Economic Development Authority (EDA) has released the executive summaries for each of the three teams who submitted proposals to redevelop the Military Circle mall. This is an important next step that will allow the public for the first time to see the actual development plans for the mall. The proposals include project development, design, construction, financing, ownership, and management. The teams that have been assembled bring together some of the best development firms on the East Coast.

“The redevelopment of this corridor is important to Norfolk and Hampton Roads. The City has been aggressive and deliberate in pursuing this transformational project. We are grateful for the work of everyone involved, and look forward to the next phase of this project,” said Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander, Ph.D.

The next phase of the process will be the development of an online public input forum and survey to solicit feedback on each of the development plans.

“The Military Circle mall property is an integral part of the City’s redevelopment efforts and the City’s resilience strategy. As we look to a future with rising seas, we know this area is one of the highest in Norfolk. I want to thank all three development teams for believing, as we do, in the potential of Military Circle,” said Chip Filer, City Manager.

“The release of the executive summaries will provide the public an opportunity to review the overall scope of the development plans. Public input is an extremely important part of this process,” Jared Chalk, Executive Director of the EDA & Director of Development.

The RFP respondents include the following teams:

• The Crossroads Partnership
• Norfolk MC Associates
• Wellness Circle, LLC

These proposals are the latest in the EDA’s efforts to transform the Military Circle mall retail property into a vibrant, mixed-use development. In 2014, the EDA purchased the former JCPenney’s and parking lot for $2.3 million and redeveloped the space into the “820 Building,” a modern office building. In May of 2020, this building was sold for $20 million, which facilitated the acquisition of the remaining Military Circle mall and the former Doubletree Hotel.

To view each of the proposals, as well as detailed information on the Military Circle redevelopment process, visit

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