The Norfolk Advantage

Ideal Location

Virginia offers the ideal Mid-Atlantic location for companies in the offshore wind supply chain.  Within Virginia, the City of Norfolk provides an unparalleled combination of workforce availability, real estate choices and transportation options to ensure your company’s success in serving offshore wind farms along the entire United States East Coast.

Norfolk is primed and ready to be the hub for companies serving first-mover offshore wind projects and is conveniently positioned for access to future wind farms farther down the coast.


With the United States’ largest shipbuilding and repair industry; numerous engineering, professional services and technology firms; several excellent colleges and universities; and thousands of military service members transitioning to the civilian sector each year, Norfolk is the right place for you to find incredible talent.

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Real Estate

Norfolk has several large pad waterfront industrial sites that comprise some of the most desired offshore wind real estate in the country.

Norfolk’s business parks are conveniently located to provide medium-sized manufacturing, construction, industrial maintenance and other Tier 2 supplier firms with convenient access to the region’s offshore wind projects and beyond.

Downtown Norfolk is the region’s hub for technology businesses providing the perfect location for professional services, information technology, logistics, cyber security and other services.

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Water Transport

Home to Norfolk International Terminal and Lambert’s Point Docks, the city is wonderfully positioned to serve nearby and distant offshore wind projects. Nestled in the heart of Hampton Roads, Norfolk is directly across from the region’s primary offshore wind laydown terminal and is 2.5 hours from open sea. With its Mid-Atlantic location, Norfolk built components can be delivered to any East Coast lease area, or its marshalling port, within a day and a half.

Road Transport

Norfolk has superior truckload service with two-day transit to the entire East Coast from Maine to Florida. The City has even better less than truckload service with one-day transit to most of the East Coast and into the Mid-West.

Rail Transport

Norfolk Southern and CSX offer a variety of rail, container-shipping, intermodal, trucking, barge, and contract logistics management services. With over 43,200 miles of track in 23 states, as well as the District of Columbia and two Canadian provinces, Norfolk is well connected to major inland markets.

Direct Air Service

Norfolk has direct air service to Boston, Providence, Hartford, New York-JFK, New York-LaGuardia, Newark, Philadelphia and Baltimore – cities near the various planned East Coast offshore wind farms, making sales and service to other projects easy.