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April’s Video Recording

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View January 2021 Meeting’s Video Recording 

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FOG (Fats, Oils, Greases) Compliance Updates

Fats, Oils, Greases 2021 

HR Regional Technical Standards for Grease Control Devices

Creating Easy Access to Resources for Restaurants

What is the Community Hospitality Partnership (CHP)? 

City and state officials working together with restauranteurs and their neighbors to create a vibrant, safe and informed partnership.


  • To create a forum of openness with restaurateurs to exchange ideas, best practices and provide necessary assistance for business Start-up and growth
  • To train and educate entertainment establishments (closing past midnight) and develop a partnership among the restaurateurs, citizens and all other stakeholders

Outreach: available resources offered to small businesses including:

  • Seminars and Trainings: Stage of Business, Industry, Subject Matter
  • Business Café’s: Networking, Start-Up Assistance, Navigating City Resources
  • One-on-One Technical Assistance
  • Access to Capital: Microgrant Program, Façade Improvement Program, Small Business Loan program (administered through third party)

If you would like to schedule an event for your association, please contact Alan Boring.