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Berkley Supermarket Grand Opening 

The weather may have been a little gloomy, but the mood was bright and sunny at 210 East Berkley Avenue.  Three years after the closing of their only grocery store, Southside’s Berkley neighborhood welcomed Berkley Supermarket, a full service grocer.

After the closing of the Farm Fresh in 2018, Southside became a food desert. Local businessman and Navy veteran, Mike Palmer worked with neighborhood and City leaders to bring a grocery store back to Berkley.  When the store was announced in June, Palmer said “It’s a great feeling to know that we’re filling a void in this community that’s been without fresh food, fresh vegetables, fresh healthy food options.  It’s a great feeling to help solve that problem.”  Residents of Southside will finally have access to a full-scale supermarket, along with a coffee bar and soul food themed restaurant.

The Norfolk City Council approved a $400,000 forgivable loan and a $500,000 grant through a cooperation agreement with the Norfolk Economic Development Authority (NEDA) to  help facilitate the opening of the new full-service supermarket.

Open twelve hours a day, seven days a week, and employing sixty new staff members, the Berkley Supermarket is key in eliminating food deserts and combatting nutritional and health disparities throughout Norfolk.


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