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Turner’s Market officially opened in Old Huntersville on August 21st. The Norfolk Economic Development Authority (NEDA) pledged support of $1,500 to assist the market in opening. The NEDA funded the Norfolk Demand Analysis, Study, and Report that was prepared for the St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation (SPCDC) by Virginia Community Capital and the Good Foods Market. This study presented a methodology that informed the City’s Nutritional Equity Fund’s goals and objectives, while also supporting future funding requests and public-private funding applications. This $1,500 commitment is part of the Norfolk Nutritional Equity Fund which was developed combat food and health disparities among Norfolk residents. The goal of this fund is to bring money and capital to address the food insecurity that exists across our city. This effort is not just about opening grocery stores in food deserts but is a holistic effort to combat nutritional and health disparities.


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