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The City of Norfolk Participated in the Offshore Wind Welcome Weekend for top global prospects in the offshore wind industry. The Hampton Roads Alliance and Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy spearheaded the event that included business prospects from around the world. A handful of subject matter experts traveled from Europe to share their knowledge and see our region’s potential to be the new East coast hub for offshore wind. The weekend included tours of the Port of Virginia and a reception at the Half Moon Cruise and Celebration Center, in Downtown Norfolk.

The offshore wind event continues this week with Norfolk Development attending the 2021 IPF Conference in Richmond along with our regional partners and neighboring cities. IPF is the largest offshore wind conference in the Western hemisphere. It brings together the global offshore wind supply chain and provides the latest in education, networking, and platforms for companies who are interested in the offshore wind sector.

Virginia offers the ideal Mid-Atlantic location for companies in the offshore wind supply chain. Within Virginia, the City of Norfolk provides an unparalleled combination of workforce availability, real estate choices and transportation options to ensure your company’s success in serving offshore wind farms along the entire United States East Coast. Norfolk is primed and ready to be the hub for companies serving first-mover offshore wind projects and is conveniently positioned for access to future wind farms along the east coast.

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